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Like a Virgin astringent gel

Astringent effect gel Like a Virgin Package: 15 ml / 0,5fl oz Astringent gel developed with Hammamélis extract that gives the sensation of being a virgin again. Made exclusively for women. Its highly concentrated formula can be used even in contact with water. It has a long-lasting consistency that is pleasant to the touch.
Erotic Cosmetics

Lasts Gel for ejaculation Delay

Male retardant gel Container: 15Ml Product for MEN Gel developed with natural extracts that prolongs erection and delays ejaculation, giving men more pleasure and better performance. Gel with natural assets that can prolong the erection and delay ejaculation, giving the man more time to savor his pleasure and better performance. Its main ingredients are...
Erotic Cosmetics

Erection Enhancer Gel | Inflate XXL

Inflate XXL Erection Enhancer Gel Packaging: 15 ml Product Uniex Gel with natural components that activate circulation, giving the feeling that your penis is bigger. Inflate is a product that momentarily enlarges the size of the penis. When applied the blood vessels dilate, which increases circulation and provides a sensation of swelling in the body and...
Erotic Cosmetics

Estimulating Gel Excitation Ginseng INTT

Stimulating excitation gel INTT - Ginseng flavour Packaging: 15 ml / 0.5fl oz Product that helps to awaken the female sexual appetite. Based on Ginseng, a well-known plant that stimulates the production of estrogens that acts directly on libido and sexual desire. Developed based on plants from the Amazon, with its Brazilian formula it causes multiple...
Sexual Enhancers

Spanish Fly

Stimulating drops in a 15 ml container. They can be taken directly or mixed in a drink. Enhance sexual activity thanks to this stimulant. Contributes to normal energy metabolism. RECOMMENDED USE: Place 3 ml under the tongue about 30 minutes before activity. Do not take more than 3 ml in 24 hours. Do not exceed the recommended dose. Store in a cool, dry...
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